What is Decoupage?
The decoupage is an ancient technique of decorating objects and furniture originated in Italy in the 16th century, named "lacca contrafatta" or "arte povera veneziana" (poor man's art). In the next centuries it became popular first in France, then in England and finally in the United States. This decorative technique consists of cutting out and gluing images of different types on a surface to be decorated, which is later varnished with innumerable "finishing coats"with the purpose of smoothing the difference of levels between the paper and the object, so that the object would look like hand-painted. With the use of this technique elegant objects and various ornamental parts are made on different materials: iron, zinced aluminum, wood, porcelain and glass, both old and new. On your request I can renovate old objects belonging to you (night tables, screens, fire screens, bowls, jugs, tubs, vases, glasses, lamp shades ) personalizing and harmonizing them with interior decoration of your house. I make also decoupage with unique gilded decorations that I produce myself; with thin rice paper I create glass objects with suggestive transparencies. I used to teach in one of the schools of Gruppo Artistici Leonardo, in Associazine Artisti Cremonesi (Association of Cremonese Artists), Foundation ENAIP Lombardia (local department in Cremona), Artistic Group "La Luna" (SOSPIRO) and I teach at the University of Liberty (Cremona). I am the Artistic Director of Decoupage Italia (Associazione Italiana Decoupage). On request I give private lessons.


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